How to revive your sex drive


Most couples find their sex drive fluctuating with age. However, there are a lot of ways you can apply or use to revive your sex drive.

Eat the right foods


Foods are the main reason for a proper functioning of the body. Foods supplement our bodies, they repair our worn out tissues and build our bodies. Food also determines our sexual urges and our sexual energies. When you want to boost your sex drive, you should focus on eating natural foods and do away with packed and organic foods. Packed foods reduce testosterone which is the hormone responsible for the development of male secondary characteristics. Eat foods like bananas, broccoli and eat less in the evening.


Get into decent physical shape

This applies to the people who are overweight, soft and weak. If you eat poorly, you tamper with your body functioning. You need to exercise to acquire a decent physical shape. Do short and sharp exercises that help you to burn your body fat. Aim at building body muscles.

Cut out alcohol and smoking

Alcohol is not friendly to hormone testosterone which is responsible for male desires and functioning erections. Avoiding alcohol or reducing its intake increases the male libido. Smoking, on the other hand, restricts the flow of blood and also lowers testosterone. Since erections depend on blood circulation doing away with smoking will be the most efficient solution to the problem.

Take natural supplements

These supplements are aimed at improving your sexual performances. The supplements are aimed at improving hormone production level naturally. There are certain testosterone boosters, aphrodisiacs and male nutritional supplements help in the production of lasting erections. Aphrodisiacs help to increase desire, pleasure, and sensitivity and thus producing more semen and orgasms.


When you do a lot of practice, you normally become perfect in the particular area. Practice, in this case, will help you raise your libido. You can practice by, for example, when you are almost ejaculating, hold back and repeat this process several times. This act will help you improve your ejaculation strength and duration. It will also help you to control your ejaculation abilities.

Talk to your partner

This has to with couples. Some people have been married for quite some time, and their sexual drive and acts are decreasing with time. This maybe because of the kids, job and so you may lack time for sex. Take time and talk about it to your spouse, this will pull you close to one another, and you may remember the good times you had back then and want to try it again.

Avoid getting stressed

rfdfgghbhbhjnhStress affects a person’s brain and even reasoning. Sex depends on a person’s thoughts and imaginations and so when you are stressed you have no time to think about it. This ends up affecting your sex life and performance. You can get rid of your stress by practicing yoga regularly and hence teach you how to stay calm in painful situations. This will give you time to focus on your sexual life, and you will, therefore, boost your sex drive.…